Frequently Asked Questions

What is OTT Pocket?

The application “OTT Pocket” is a platform in which electronic gift cards and vouchers may be purchased from and used on. The OTT Pocket App is available for download from Apple Store and Google Play. Not only can the platform be used to purchase and to use gift cards, but consumers can also purchase vouchers online and redeem them offline. In addition, the platform provides consumers with functions such as transfer and use, scan to pay, and scan to redeem physical cards.

Which payment methods are accepted by OTT Pocket?

Payment methods include WeChat Pay, China Union Pay, Alipay, and Visa/Master Card.

Which versions of mobile systems are supported by OTT Pocket?

OTT Pocket supports Android OS (8.0+) and iOS OS (13.0 and above).


Managing Your Account

How to register an Account and log in to OTT Pocket?

To use OTT Pocket, you need a Canadian mobile phone number to register an account. The sign-up process is free and simple. Gift cards and vouchers may be purchased through the app after registration. You may incur charges from your service provider if you download/use the app in a non-Wi-Fi environment.

What should I do if I registered with my mobile device number but have not received a verification code?

Please make sure your device is not in airplane mode, then select resend the verification code, or try again with another device.

Can I visit my Account with a different device?

Yes, you can, as long as you use the same mobile number to log in.

What if I forget my password?

Select Forgot password? on the Sign in page. Enter your mobile device number to receive a verification code, then the system will prompt you to reset your password after you entered the verification code correctly.

How to reset a password?

You may use the Change Password option in Me to do so. Simply enter your previous password, then enter and confirm your new password. Your password will then be updated.

What should I do if my account is locked?

Accounts can be unlocked by resetting your password.

Do I have to provide my email address?

Yes. Email addresses are used for notification and contact purposes only.


Purchase Gift Cards & Vouchers

What should I do if my payment didn’t go through?

 If the payment method you chose does not work, please try another payment method. You may also contact supports at or call: +1 416-238-8196.

Are e-gift cards/e-vouchers refundable or reloadable?

The App does not support refund and/or reload of e-gift cards or e-vouchers at this time.

Where can I find my purchased gift e-gift cards/e-vouchers?

Purchased e-gift cards are displayed in Wallet, under Gift Cards. Purchased e-vouchers are displayed in Wallet, under Vouchers.

Use of Gift Cards

How to use my e-gift card?

Find the e-gift card you want to use in Wallet, under Gift Cards. Tap Activate to activate it. Then, tap Use, and a barcode/QR code will be generated. Show your barcode at store cashier for scanning to pay, or manually enter the gift card PIN and barcode number to complete your online transaction.

What should I do if the merchant cannot scan the barcode generated when I use my e-gift card?

We will do our best to ensure you a smooth e-gift card/voucher user experience. But if the barcode on your e-gift card cannot be scanned due to a system error, you may need to manually enter the barcode number and PIN on your card. If the problem persists, please contact us at or call Customer Service at +1 416-238-8196.

How can I view the balance on my gift card?

Currently, we are unable to provide balance information of any merchant gift cards, except for Esso cards. If you want to check your balance, you may have to do so directly with the merchant, through its website, by phone or physically visiting the merchant’s retail stores.


Giving and Accepting Gift Cards

Can I send an e-gift card to my friend?

You can send or transfer an e-gift card only if the card has not been activated. Find the e-gift card you want to send in Wallet, under Gift Cards. Then tap Send and choose your preferred method from email, SMS, and gift code.

Can I cancel an e-gift card that I already sent to a friend?

 If your friend has not yet accepted your e-gift card, you may find the e-gift card in Wallet, under Gift Cards. Tap Cancel Transferto cancel the transfer.

How do I accept an e-gift card?

Your friend has 15 days to accept your e-gift card in his/her OTT Pocket app. Go to Me, Press Accept Code icon and enter the gift code to claim it.


The Use of Vouchers

How do I use my e-voucher?

Find the e-voucher you want to use in Wallet, under Vouchers, tap Redeem and show the redemption code (QR code, barcode, or number) to the customer service representatives in the merchant for scanning to redeem. If the voucher is for a shopping centre, you may receive a physical card worth of the same amount after the redemption is complete.


If you have any additional concerns or questions, please contact our support team by email: or by phone: +1 416-238-8196.